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Do Albany Rats Die in the Winter?

Winter is the coldest season and comes on quickly and without a doubt starts freezing and ends freezing to. A lot of animals tend to go into hibernation during the winter to avoid dying from the freezing cold weather. Some animals can die from the cold elements but when talking about rats that’s a whole other ball game. Rats are quite active during winter finding the appropriate shelter, digging their burrows deeper for more warmth or perhaps sitting in your attic chewing your cables and electrical cords. Rats do not die in winter they are slowed a little and are found to be more active in summer but they are in no way of danger during the cold weather. Do not under estimate rats if you believe there is a rat lurking in your ceiling or walls get onto it immediately they chew through anything they can fly screens, wood, cords and cables and even fabrics in the linen closet. Try home remedies for deterring rats away for have a professional attend your property and access your situation. If the Albany rats are happy and they breed, it does not take long for the infestation to start and grow rapidly.

Rats are not disturbed by the cold
Cold does not worry a rat, but it can fail to slow the New York rat’s destruction down. Whether summer or winter if you see one act as soon as possible a get them as far away from your property as you can. Wild rats will not die from the cold weather it merely calms them down. Once they settle and have babies during the winter once the warmer days approach you will be greeted with little pink babies ready to destruct. Rats will find protected areas for them to shelter and bare their young. Keep grasses low and weeds to a minimum. Rats like long grass, rocks to bury under and attics that re quiet and dark.

Rats are equipped for the cold they have fur and skin that protect it from the cold like other wild animals out there. Rats can hide even under snow and still survive. Although this is not preferred, if they are under threat they will seek shelter under snow. Rats however do have a limit in the colder winter to move around and if they go past this limit they can die. Therefore, they will seek protection and warm shelter to come back to after roaming for food. If your thinking about pet Albany rats these however can die if they become too cold. Pet rats suffer hypothermia in moderate cold temps and even drafts in a warm room can cause illness to the rat.

Pet New York rats need clean and soft bedding and proper nutrition unlike the diet of wild rats who eat anything they can get into. Make sure your homes do not appeal to rats and that they don’t offer nice nesting spots for them to settle in during the winter months. Keep pet foods and scraps in closed containers if rodents have a steady flow of food whether it be compost bin, garbage bags sitting outside the bin etc. Call the professionals at the first site on a rat whether its summer or winter.

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