Cost of Albany Skunk Removal

New York skunks are smelly creatures which also destroy your lawn and garden. They hunt for food by getting into your garbage and burrow under decks, shed and porch. Skunks do not attack people but emit an unpleasant spray if threatened. Having a skunk in your yard exposes you, your family and pet to the risk of being sprayed. The property is also damaged and piles of excrement have to be cleaned. If a skunk decides to dwell in your garden and have babies they mark the territory by spraying around the area. Skunks can have 4 to 7 babies in a litter. It is therefore best to have them removed immediately on sighting.

Skunks are also good climbers and can choose to settle in your attic also.
Skunk removal includes trapping and removal with ground level cages. The cost of Albany skunk trapping and removal is not very high. It is usually $150 or up. Some agencies charge a fee of $250 for removal, relocation and also closing holes made by skunks.

The cost of skunk removal depends on these factors.
• Number of New York skunks to be removed
• Cost for setting up exclusion barrier around the perimeter if needed. The cost depends on the size of the project.
• Specialized removal of babies if present.
• Providing permanent skunk proofing solutions to prevent the re-entry of skunks.
Skunk removal is a specialized process and it is worth the price to get a good job done. Experts are trained, experienced and have liability and license cover. It is better if Albany skunk removal is done by wild life experts. This prevents you and your family members by being sprayed during the process. Skunks being a burrowing animal make the process difficult by hiding under a shed or porch. Compromising on cost may lead to long term problems.

Hiring experts from wild life protection gets the job done in a systematic and organized manner. Experts remove skunks and their babies without getting sprayed. Babies are gently placed in warm boxes for the mother to relocate them. They also have specialized equipment to deal with the problem. The skunk den site is also attractive to other animals looking for a place to live. Trenches will be dug around the nest and New York animal proof screen installed.

Exclusion provides best results at a low cost. A one way door is installed at the main entry point. This allows skunks to go out but not re-enter. The door is temporary and has a trigger which lets the technician know when the skunk leaves. Once excluded, a deodorizer can be used to remove scent. Sealing can be done after it is confirmed that there are no skunks left. States have wildlife regulations which are known to professionals. Removing of mother Albany skunks until their babies are capable of living by themselves is prohibited. Preventive methods like having your garbage covered and not allowing easy access to food in the yard will help.

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